First Week of Dec (Bugfixes)

Hello World,

This week we're back to report some exciting progress in Helio-land. We've been on a bug-hunt this past week whilst getting the product ready for some exciting new feature releases (more on this coming soon!). Until then, satisfy yourself with some awesome improvements made by the Helio team:

First, the totals:

Closed 42 issues

Merged 29 Pull Requests

  • Duplicate Participants There was a rare issue whereby a participant was duplicated. Our engineers have tracked down the issue and have resolved the problem.

  • Registration . We noticed an issue last week where a user was unable to create an account due to the case formatting of their email. This problem has since been fixed.

  • The 'Take' view. There was a long standing bug where the Take view would sometimes have a half gray background when the image exceeded the size of the viewport. All is now well.

  • Form Elements. We did a pass on our form elements to make sure all were aligning properly, and had the proper uniform styles applied.

Having any issues? email us at so we can get it fixed!

Oct-Nov Bugfixes

This past month the Helio team has been focused on making Helio a more pleasant experience for all it's users. To do this, we've doubled-down on our bug crushing.

First off, lets look at it by the numbers:

  • Closed 39 Issues
  • Merged 103 Pull Requests

Here's a sample of bugs that were crushed last month:

  • Filter Panel - We notices some issues with the narrowness of the panel causing it to wrap. FIXED
  • *Report * The image of an uploaded question was appearing twice. FIXED
  • Multiple Choice Follow up questions weren't showing up. FIXED.
  • Payment Modal Back button was leading to an empty state. FIXED
  • Response Count Was being miscalculated on the "flag" dropdown. FIXED.
  • Text Truncation Some labels, titles, and questions were being truncated prematurely, or not at all. FIXED.

Your bug not fixed? Email us at

Introducing Timed Test Sections

Today we rolled out a new variation on our question times, the Timed Test Sections. Now with Likert, Free Response, NPS, and Mutliple Choice sections you can enable a timer to test for memory.

Timed sections require an image be added to your question. For each timed section, we will show the image for the selected time, then show the question.

Want to know if test if your design conveys the goals of your product? Use a Timed Section to see if testers can remember!

Happy Testing!

Report and Project Edit Updates

Hello folks! This week we've been hard at work fixing bugs so that your experience with Helio is buttery smooth.

Better Report Graphs

Bars are now centered within their category instead of left aligned to improve readability. We've also improved rendering speeds and general performance of all charts and graphs.

In addition, we have fixed a bug where hidden, flagged, or locked responses would still get rendered in the graphs.

Project Edit Actions Working Consistently

Sometimes renaming or deleting a project would not work as intended. This has been fixed in this update.

We will release new updates weekly going forward, so keep checking our changelog for new releases!

Happy Testing!

Introducing Linked Sections

Your tests can now have multiple sections composed of Preference and Click Sections, allowing you to create a more flexible and comprehensive testing experience for your users.

Export to CSV

All test response data can now be exported to a CSV file. Go to your tests report page, click on the Options cog, then Export CSV. Your file will be generated and a Download CSV link will appear in the dropdown.

Filter by Common Words

Preference tests now support filtering by Common Words. You can now determine which users used those words to describe their experience taking your test.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Helio will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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